Insurance Robo Advisor

What is a Robo Insurance Advisor?

An Insurance Robo Advisor is a software program which performs some of the tasks currently done by an insurance agent.

These tasks are done online.

Insurance Robo Advisors provide benefits for both the agency which makes them available and the customer who uses them.

Agency Benefits:

1 – You make some of the services you provide available to an immensely larger number of customers and prospects.

2 – You can provide this service to an unlimited number of people at the same time. Effectively you are able to be in more than one place at one time.

3 – You provide your knowledge and expertise 168 hours a week instead of the 40 hours a week your office is open.

4 – Your advice and services are absolutely consistent.

5 – You have an electronic trail of exactly the advice you gave each and every customer or prospect.


Customer Benefits

1 – You can get the very best professional advice every time. You do not have to worry that because you did not get to talk to the same person each time you are getting different levels of experience in the advice you receive.

2 – You can get the advice on your schedule.

3 – You can spend as long as you want or need to get the advice. You never have to feel guilty about taking up too much of your advisor’s time.

As important as what a Robo Insurance Advisor is, is what it is not.

A Robo Insurance Advisor is not a customer facing online quoting and selling web site. Online quote sites do remove the physical insurance agent as the Gatekeeper for buying an insurance policy, but only EchoSage Insurance Robo Advisor provides the advice or customization of coverage that a human agent currently provides.