Automated Policy Review

Policy review increases your retention rate. Your current customers appreciate the professional approach and follow up.

Live Beta use for homeowner review over last quarter of 2016 resulted in a 13.7% response rate to the renewal review.

Policy review gives you the opportunity to sell additional coverage on existing policies.

Brings in new customers using policy review. Let prospective customers review their current policy using your policy review. Prospects see the suggestions for improving their coverage and take an action. You decide the actions from which they will choose. Some of the choices they can make are to link to a quote, contact their agent, email or print their review.

Limit your E&O exposure by providing good policy review tools for your agents and your customers. Use the tool to review coverage and limits on renewal policies and when deciding coverage and limits when quoting new policies.

Examples for Policy Review

View an example of a North Carolina Homeowner Policy Review. This is a link you might email to your current customers before renewal.

You might provide this link on your website for prospects to do a homeowner checkup.

EchoSage lets you create a system for reviewing policies. Create a system for each line of business.

Here are two reviews from our Personal Lines Renewal Review Package.

HO 4 Renters Renewal Review

Personal Automobile Renewal Review

As reviews, they focus on changes.

We will modify these questions for you if you have changes that your agency would like to make.

Learn more at Personal Lines Renewal Review Starter Pack.