Make Every Employee an Expert

Do you or your staff ever wonder what the policy coverage details are?

We have worked for many years with thousands of agents. We get more questions about coverages than we do about anything else.

As a result, we have created a new service to help you and your staff get these answers.

Our Intelligent Assistant is Your Solution

Our Intelligent Assistant works with you and your staff to give them instant access to coverage questions.

You get:

1 – Answers to questions

2 – Conversations about questions

Sometimes a question has a very straight forward answer. An example would be “Does my insurance cover me when I am driving for Uber?”

Other times a question needs more information before the correct answer can be given. An example would be “Should I buy the collision waiver coverage when I rent a car?”

Our Intelligent Assistant works with your staff in both these ways.

Watch Three Quick Videos

Click here to watch three quick videos showing how our Intelligent Assistant works.

Intelligent Assistant

The Videos are on this page.

List of Personal Auto Policy topics.

Click here to see the list of approximately 300 topics addressed in the Personal Auto Policy questions and answers.

Try it Yourself

This is a limited demonstration. It contains only 10 answers or conversations. They are:

Questions and Answers for Your Staff

1 – A bird hit my car

2 – Am I insured when I drive for uber

3 – What are not considered reasonable expenses under medical payments

4 – Does my car insurance cover me in Canada

If you type any of these into the question box they will get an exact match and take you directly to the answer.

If you type in a similar question that is not seen as an exact match, you will get a list of possible answers based on how our Intelligent Assistant understands your question. Click on any of the links and you will be shown the answer.

Questions and Answers for Your Customers

You have probably already thought about this being not only useful to your staff, but also useful to your customers or prospects. With that in mind I have put two responses in this demo for questions your customers might ask.

1 – How much insurance should I have

2 – How much is my next payment

Questions and Conversations

1 – Are stolen car keys insured

2 – Is my new car automatically automatically insured

3 – Is my dog insured under my car insurance

Questions Answers and Actions

You can include links inside your conversations or answers.

In the final example, once you go to the final answer, one of the options Quick Quote for Insurance. This has a link that takes the user to a new page where they can get a quote and actually buy this coverage. Image you are taking your customers and your prospects to your sales page where they can take this action, or any other action you what them to take.

1 – Should I buy the insurance they sell at the rental car counter

Your Future is Waiting

Your agency is changing. You can take advantage of new tools to be better and to get better results.

Our current full version of this product answers questions on over 280 personal auto topics.

Take a few more minutes to give this a try.

Duke Williams



PS: Give this a try. Here is the link:

Intelligent Assistant