Knowledge Engineering

Data online is digitalized information.

Once information and knowledge are in digital format the way you can work with that information and knowledge changes dramatically.

What works today and for a long time into the future is known as knowledge engineering. This is when a product expert – like a professional insurance agent – works to create software that is a series of decision trees. These are the basic If / Then statements that software is built on.

This has been possible for a long time. But it has been too expensive. Very few product experts understand how to write software and very few software engineers are also product experts in other fields.

But the cost and time to create knowledge engineered software has come down dramatically as the result of new tools which allow product experts to create the software without having to learn how to write software.

With these tools you – the professional insurance agent – can “teach” your software the things you know. You can direct it to ask questions exactly the same way you would ask them. You can have the questions change dynamically based on the answers to previous questions. Then you can offer personalized, customized advice and suggestions through your software agent to your customers and prospects. This is the exact same advice you would have offered in a face to face conversation.