Intelligent Assistant

Every office has that person that is the expert on coverage questions. That person the rest of the office goes to when they don’t know an answer.
The Intelligent Assistant from EchoSage makes each of you that person who knows the answers.

People have skills and strengths unique to people. Computers are better at some things than people. Computers are better at adding up a bunch of numbers really, really fast. But computers are not people. They can’t replace you, but they can do things for you that will save you time and make you better.

Intelligent Assistant does more than answer your question – although it does that. It knows when a question needs a conversation instead of just an answer.

It lets your staff answer more questions more quickly and more accurately. It lets your staff provide a more consistent answer regardless of who is giving the answer to your customer.

Take a look at these three Short videos to get the idea.

EchoSage Questions and Answers

EchoSage Questions and Conversations

EchoSage Reference and Research

List of Personal Auto Policy topics.

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