Insurance Coverage Street Map

All roads and streets existed before GPS Maps. Today all insurance coverage already exists. In both cases the information was just not in a useful form.

When New York City was mapped, no algorithm or machine learning could take the map of New York City and using machine learning or artificial intelligence create an accurate map of Biloxi, Mississippi. People had to actually do the work of mapping the streets of Biloxi into a useful digital format.

This is the task EchoSage is committed to. We are taking the existing insurance coverage information and putting it into a format that is useful to digital tools.

The result of our mapping is useful coverage data.
Our first use of the coverage maps is to create intelligent assistants to empower insurance agency and carrier employees to be better and faster at their jobs.
The coverage data is used in three ways:
1 – Questions and answers.
2 – Questions and Conversations.
3 – Research and reference.