Make every employee an expert. The EchoSage Intelligent Assistant works with you and your staff to give you immediate access to answers and information. Intelligent Assistants help you do your job better.

People don’t want general information. They want an answer to their specific question and they want it right now.

EchoSage, using interactive customer conversations, let’s you answer routine questions exactly the same way you would if you talked to your customer face to face.

But EchoSage has conversations with your customers anytime, day or night.

Click on the link below to experience a sample conversation with a customer asking if his wife’s jewelry will be covered on their upcoming trip abroad.

Sample Jewelry Review

This is just one example of changing your FAQ section from frequently asked questions to frequently answered questions!

Compare that to the current Farmers FAQ from this Feb 2016 screen print:



Now, be honest, if you were the agent, or if this was your CSR staff, isn’t the automated, guided conversation you can build in EchoSage exactly the way you would have had this conversation face to face or on the phone?

I am guessing it is close, but not exactly. For instance you would probably be able to look up their policy and know the form they were insured under. And you might ask the questions differently. You have your own personality after all. And you may have asked more or different questions.

Here is the beauty of EchoSage – you tell the machine what you would do and it will do it every time for you. You have just extended your exact advice to all your customers and prospects any time day or night.

This is so much better than the Farmers FAQ that it is not even fair. Of course, you do not have to be fair; you just have to be better.

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