EchoSage Voice Computing

EchoSage provides existing online resources with an integration path to Alexa and other voice platforms.

Our first example integrates Alexa with a rating and quoting engine to return an automobile rate quote.

Watch the two minute thirty second video below to see the Alexa skill we developed to connect our conversational commerce expertise and our Intelligent Assistant knowledge with a North Carolina Personal Auto quoting system.

Conversational Commerce

Notice in the above video how Alexa has to ask for more information to be able to give a quote. That act is conversational commerce. It is what real people do all the time when giving a phone quote.

EchoSage brings its conversational experience and its knowledge base from Intelligent Assistant to voice computing platforms.

Make a Payment

In the next example, Alexa processes a payment for a customer.

Work with EchoSage to Bring Voice Computing to Your Customers

EchoSage works with you to put a voice front end onto your existing online services.

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