New Ways to Deliver Value

Your value is in your knowledge, your expertise and the know how to apply your knowledge. EchoSage liberates you from the constraints of time and place to allow you to deliver your value digitally to more people at more times than ever before.

EchoSage Lets You Teach Your Computer to Answer Routine Questions

EchoSage gives you the ability to create your own automated insurance service (Robo Advisor) at a very affordable price and without having to learn to write computer code.

You already train your staff to answer these questions.

EchoSage has these advantages over your staff:

  • Your staff likes to only work about 40 hour week. EchoSage works 24/7/365.
  • Your staff sometimes forgets or does not understand what you are trying to teach them. EchoSage never forgets.
  • Your staff is human and sometimes they have a bad day. EchoSage has no emotions.
  • Your staff cost a lot of money. EchoSage gets no salary, not health benefits, no retirement plan, no sick or vacation days and has no HR issues.


EchoSage Complements Your Staff

EchoSage works when you and your staff are not at the office or available.

EchoSage is available to your staff to help guide them on topics on which they are not yet experts.

EchoSage has the routine part of a conversation with your customers and prospects and then passes the more difficult and personal interactions on to your staff at the appropriate time.


Divide Your Agency Tasks into Routine and Non Routine for More Efficiency

Think about the questions you get from customers in the average week. There is probably a list of ten to twenty of these conversations that you have over and over again. These are great conversations to create for your EchoSage automated insurance advisor.

These conversations have great value to your customer, but they do not really need your face to face presence to provide an answer. They do need your expert knowledge to answer. Make that knowledge available through EchoSage.

You have been passing your knowledge along for a long time now, it’s just you have been using other people, instead of a machine, to do these tasks for you. You have been hiring CSR’s and training them. You pass your expertise in certain routine tasks to your human assistants, allowing them to answer questions for your customers instead of you. After all, you can’t be everywhere. There are only so many hours in the day.


EchoSage Extends Your Reach

Here is the beauty of EchoSage – you tell the machine what you would do and it will do it every time for you. You have just extended your exact advice to all your customers and prospects any time day or night.

See What EchoSage Can Do For You

View an example of a North Carolina Homeowner Policy Review. This is a link you might email to your current customers before renewal

You might provide this link on your website for prospects to do a homeowner checkup.


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