Content Market

There are several ways to get content for your Robo Advisor.
• Begin with our Starter Pack
• Buy from Third Party Providers
• Create your own
We will work with you each step of the way so you will have your own unique expertise on display.

Starter Pack
Your initial subscription to an EchoSage Prime account includes the following conversation templates:
1 – Automobile Coverage Suggestions
2 – Golf Cart Coverage
3 – Guns Away from Premises Coverage
4 – Jewelry Away from Premises Coverage
5 – North Carolina Beach Property Policy Requirements
6 – North Carolina Homeowner Policy Forms Comparison
7 – Rental Car Waiver
8 – Watercraft Insurance

Annual Renewal Reviews
1 – HO 3 HO 5 Homeowners Renewal Review
2 – HO 4 Renters Renewal Review
3 – HO 6 Condo Renewal Review
4 – Dwelling Fire Renewal Review
5 – Personal Automobile Renewal Review
6 – Motorcycle Insurance Renewal Review

Third Party Conversation Content
Currently Steve Anderson is creating additional conversation templates you can buy directly from him. His first two conversations are:
1 – I am required to have workers compensation coverage on my domestic employees?
2 – What are the workers compensation requirements for businesses in the states in which I have business operations.
You can learn more about Steve’s conversations here…

Become a Conversation Provider
EchoSage depends on the knowledge of other insurance experts. We offer you the opportunity to create your own line of conversations for resale to other agents.
We will help you learn to build the content using our tools. We will link to your web site as a provider of content.
You control your pricing and you get 100% of your sales revenue.
Contact us if you are interested.